Terms and Conditions

1. Basic regulations

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) address commercial relationship between us, Nažehleno s.r.o. as the provider of services (“Provider”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) and you, our clients (“Client”), to whom we provide our services of laundry, clothing and textile ironing (“Services”) ordered by phone or via online form on our website www.nazehleno.cz. Our company Nažehleno s.r.o. is registered in K Lipám 53/43, Střížkov, 190 00 Praha 9, VAT number 06375146.

Contact Information for orders, complains, communication:

    Phone: +420737813674, +420722695037

    Email: info@nazehleno.cz

The terms and conditions addressing the relationship between Us (Provider) and you (Client) that are not included in these Terms are regulated by the law no. 89/2012 Col., Civil code as set in its latest modification.

2. The order process – creating contract for provision of Services

You can place an order 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day (24/7). The minimum order value is 650 CZK.

How you can order Our Services:

a) a) By filling in a form on Our website www.nazehleno.cz/objednavka

A contract for provision of Services between Provider and Client, in this case, becomes binding in the moment when Client fills in the online order form and ticks the box to agree with the Terms (i.e. when you fill in the form on Our website to order Our Services, click on “I agree to the terms and conditions of Nažehleno s.r.o.” and on “Confirm Order”). At the same time, by confirming the order the Client expressly requests the Provider to begin with the fulfillment of the ordered Services.

After placing your order, We will send a confirmation and a summary of the ordered Services to the email address that you provided.

b) By phone

A contract for provision of Services between Provider and Client, in this case, becomes binding during the phone call – by accepting the order by the Provider and by subsequent confirmation of the order by the Client via text message. Thus, We will send you a confirmation of the order created over the phone by text message (number provided by you during the phone call) and We will ask you to confirm the order summery by text message as well. Simultaneously, this confirmation message serves as your agreement to these Terms and clear request for the Provider to begin with the fulfillment of the ordered Services.


3. Provision and price of Services

The Provider is obliged to collect the laundry, clothing and textile (“Order”) on the day, time and place specified on the online order form or given during the phone order. The Client and the Provider will confirm the delivery of the Order by signing a delivery note. An Order will be fulfilled within 48 hours unless stated otherwise. The Client is obliged to receive the fulfilled Order and pay the bill at the time of the delivery latest.

Pricelist of Services is available here: www.nazehleno.cz/cenik

In special cases when the price of Services cannot be determined at the time of the order, Client will be informed about the price via email or text message. In this case, an exception to article 2 of these Terms, contract arises in the moment when the Client accepts the price. Simultaneously, by accepting the price of the Services the Client requests the Provider to begin fulfillment of the order.

Our Services are provided only in the Prague area. A delivery within Prague is free of charge.

The Order is considered fulfilled when the individual items are ironed and folded.

The individual items of the Order will be put on hangers according to the Client’s request stated in the initial order. The Client needs to give Us the required number of hangers, otherwise the Provider will use hangers costing 5 Kč each.

The ironed laundry, which the Client requested to be hung on hangers, will be covered with a protective foil for clothing free of charge.

The ironed laundry, which the Client requested to be folded, will be put in a paper bag free of charge.

Fulfilled order will be hand over to you in exchange for payment for the provided Services and signed delivery note. By signing the delivery note the Client confirms that she/he has received the delivery of fulfilled Order.

We accept cash and card payments and We will issue a simplified tax document (PPD).

In case of repeated large Order or Order for businesses is possible to arrange a payment via bank transfer on bank account 238505068/0300. This needs to be arranged in advanced and based on that We will issue you an invoice which needs to be paid within 5 days from the issue date and the date when a Client receives it.


4. Rights and obligations

Client is obliged to hand over a clean Order (laundry for ironing) with signs indicating ironing instructions (standardised symbol signifying ways in which a given material can be ironed). Items of any Order without such instructions will be treated as Provider sees fit based on the material and structure of the item. In this case, the Client gives consent and takes responsibility for any damage that may result from such treatment. Thereafter, the Provider is not responsible for any damage in such cases. Provider has the right to decline such item based on Provider’s decision. The Provider is obliged to photodocument items, which are not accompanied by a care symbol for ironing or show signs of damage, about the Provider has not been notified by the Client.

Client is obliged to notify the Provider in advanced about:

  • Tem of the Order, which value exceeds 10.000 Kc. If the Client does not do so, in case of damage the compensation for such item will not exceed 10.000,- CZK.
  • Item, which requires special handling, if such handling is not evident from the care symbol
  • Item, which shows signs of previous damage.

Provider is obliged to proceed with professional care while providing the Services. Provider is also responsible for following ironing requirements as per the symbol attached to clothes indicated on every item of the Order.


5. Claims - exercising your rights arising from defective services

Client is obliged to check the Order during the handover. Client expressly confirms by signing the delivery note that the Order was not damaged and well processed.

Client is obliged to check the Order thoroughly at the time of handover without any delay. Should the Client discover any defective in the fulfillment of the Service or item, that was not possible to discover when accepting the Fulfilled Order, he/she is entitled to make a claim to the Provider, however this can be done only within 24 hours from the time of Order handover.

All claims will be processed within 48 hours from the return of the defective item if the defect came from defective ironing, and within one month at the latest if the defect came from damaging the item.


6. Safety and protection of information

By confirming the order, Client gives his/her explicit agreement to the Provider to process his/her personal information in accordance with the law no. 101/2000 Col., referring to protection of personal data, as per its latest modification, and for the purpose of providing the Services.

The above definition of processing of personal data means that the data provided to us by the Client during ordering Our Services, will be kept for the purpose of providing the Services and will not be passed on to third parties.


7. Arbitration of consumer disputes

Client who is a consumer in terms of the law no. 634/1992 Col., referring to protection of the consumer in its applicable latest modification valid (i.e. physical entity who does not act as a business), has the right to arbitration agreement solution of disputes resulting from the contract on provision of Services, concluded according to these Terms (§ 20d in applicable consumer´s protection law).

The above stated means that should any conflict arise from a contract about provision of Services which would not be solved by mutual agreement, You, if you are a Client - consumer, have the right to raise a proposal for an arbitration of such dispute to a party dedicated for solving such consumer disputes which is:

Česká obchodní inspekce, Ústřední inspektorát – oddělení ADR

    Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Praha 2

    e-mail: adr@coi.cz

    website: ard.coi.cz

These terms and conditions are valid from 1. 1. 2017.

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